Das Keyboard Model S Professional review

It’s been a while since I first heard about mechanical keyboards, which purportedly offer better typing comfort than the more common membrane or scissor ones. Being a translator, it was only natural for me to be interested in them, since typing is what I do on my computer most of the time and I’m not completely comfortable using speech-recognition software, especially when working with chemistry or pharmacology texts, which notoriously feature very long words that speech-recognition software simply doesn’t support out-of-the-box. Before I bought my Das Keyboard, however, I decided to do some research first, gathering information from reviews and user forums. The first thing I noticed when reading those, it’s the huge amount of snake oil present there. Especially on forums, you may run across a few bold yet unsubstantiated claims, ranging from “mechanical keyboards improve your typing speed”, to the more otherworldly “bottoming out may cause micro-fractures to your finger bones” and “tenkeyless keyboards are better for you, because your arms are in a more natural position when using a mouse”. Both those remarks made me raise an eyebrow when I first came across them, so I decided to delve a bit deeper to see if I could find any substantiation for them.

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