Your desktop or mobile app, your multimedai files or your website must reach the largest audience possible.
Your audience is your customer base and deserves the best service money can buy, even from a linguistic point of view.
A good software and/or multimedia localization allows your product to be receive better by its users, tempting them to use it more frequently.

It’s time to say no to those horrendously bad localizations that make using apps more of a chore than anything: let Let’s handle all stages of the localization process, from content translation to QA linguistic testing, up to localization updates for the following versions of the app.

I localize apps for all major operating systems, both desktop and mobile, in Italian and English.
I treat every platform separately to make the localization compliant with the writing and localization guidelines for the operating systems on which the application will run.

Do you need to localize into languages I don’t translate in myself? No problem: I am part of the MoonCreative collective, a group of freelance translators from all around Europe, whose skills are without peers.

Because your product deserves better. It deserves Let’s