About Me“About” links seem to be among the worst clickbaits humankind has ever stumbled upon. Maybe that’s because human beings are curious by nature; if we weren’t we would have never reached the Moon, we wouldn’t have cars and computer, not to mention the Internet, that thingy where you can find, among other things (mainly, pictures of cats and boobs) this page right here.

So… What should I say about myself? I am Andrea Luciano Damico, 24 years of age and am an EN>IT and DE>IT freelance translator, in the process of graduating from University of Catania.

After graduating from high school I faced the same choice many other young lads and lasses face: what university course should I enroll in? It is a fundamental choice; like it or not, it is this choice that shapes the future of many young people in the work market. There’s no coming back.
Problem is, it’s very rare that a 19 years old knows exactly what he or she wants to do in their life. Sure, there is some people who’s watched Panorama since age 5 and knows they want to be the next Robin Day (and I wholeheartedly hope they will succeed). Chapeau, but these people are the exception, not the rule.
But, for common mortals like me, that was a particularly tough call. Once I drew BSs out of the equation, my options were Foreign Languages, Italian and Law.

In the end I chose to study Languages, even though I didn’t know yet I wanted to become a translator: Only a few months later I was introduced to translation. One day, by sheer chance, I saw that the newsagent’s where I used to purchase bus tickets had a copy of The Guardian. Three days old. Actually, a pre-recorded newspaper. Okay, technically newspapers feature the news from the previous day, but you get what I mean. I bought it (paying three times its retail price in the United Kingdom) and I started reading it. I thought it’d be nice to translate one article in its supplement (I think it was G2) on paper. Looking back at it today, it was quite a cheap-ass work, but one has to start somewhere.

Thus, I started translating for leisure, anything I could find, refining my skills as time went one.
Then, a few days after my twentythird birthday, I decided that the time had come to transform what had been thus far a mere passion in a career path.

Since then, I’ve worked on a number of projects, some of which are listed in my Portfolio.

What I do

I translate texts of various kinds from English and German into Italian and from German and Italian into English, using a number of resources and matter experts.

For a detailed description of my services, visit the related page.
If, instead, you’re interested to see the quality of my translations first-hand, have a look at my Portfolio.
If you have questions or requests, you can keep in touch with me through the Contact page.